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Vol 3 - Issue 2

Art and Science

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Structural blue coating based on glaze painting

An art/science collaboration has enabled a contemporary artist to re-discover an age-old technique used by glaze-masters such as Leonardo da Vinci. The process uses dark bitumen, white mineral particles, a brush, and knowledge of drying and laying time to produce intense, (...)

Ernst Haeckel’s Radiolarians and Medusa: The influence of his visits to Villefranche on his science and his art

Early in his long career, Ernst Haeckel (1834 - 1919) twice visited Villefranche-sur-Mer. First, as a student, in 1856 during a sampling trip to Nice, and again in 1864 when sent to Nice by his parents for a change of scenery following the untimely death of his first wife. (...)

Quantum phenomena as saturated phenomena. Third phenomenological reduction: donation

Jean-Luc Marion proposes the third phenomenological reduction, beyond Husserl and Heidegger. The radical reduction, the donation of transcendence in immanence, dissolves appearances and false realities; in this way, the donation establishes the stages of phenomenality. It (...)

Using art to avoid simplification of discourse and bring the unknown in science, an artist on board of TARA PACIFIC

In 2017 artist Noémie Sauve went aboard Schooner Tara Pacific to join a seven weeks expedition studying the state of coral reefs. In this article the artist overviews this experience and the way in which it altered her means of perceiving the relation between art and science: (...)

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