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Chemistry drawing forms: metallic trees and chemical gardens

Some categories of chemical reactions lead to the formation of solid and are able to produce surprising structures with special geometrical properties such as self-similarity. This paper deals with such structrures, emphasing their aesthetical features and gives more details (...)

Are science and poetry in contradiction with each other?

Are science and poetry in contradiction with each other? Looking for answers to this question, the author attempts to recount briefly the history of the changing relationship between science and poetry. Several aspects which link science and poetry such as the creation (...)

Art for the conservation of one of the most endangered lemurs

The Bamboo lemur program led by Helpsimus is based in southeast Madagascar, near Ranomafana National Park, within an unprotected and intensively cultivated area that is home to the largest wild population of greater bamboo lemur, Prolemur simus. Key elements are combined to (...)

Internal Geometry of a G. de La Tour’s "Night": "The Apparition of the Angel at saint Joseph" (Museum of Fine Arts, Nantes)

The internal geometry allows painters to organize the pictorial space to make it coherent and harmonious. But the internal geometry and the support on which it is plotted, do not appear in the painted work, neither in its radiographic image, nor in its infra-red image: The (...)

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