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Vol 4 - Issue 3

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"After Haeckel": An Exhibition of Microscopic Primitive Life Forms

Ernst Haeckel, the German naturalist, in 1868 depicted amoeboid microorganisms as primordial life forms. He claimed they were without nuclei or cell membranes but capable of feeding and reproducing. He called such organisms Moners. His remarkable illustrations of the (...)

The exquisite corpse for the advance of science

The exquisite corpse or the exquisite cadaver (adapted from the French term “cadavre exquis”) was invented by the Surrealists to reflect their delight in games, chance and the Freudian-based basis of the uncontrolled aspects of artistic production. It would be expected that (...)

Emergilience II

The artistic project Emergilience aims to explore the conditions for the emergence of forms through phenomena of self-organization. Emergence and self-organization being two key concepts in the simulation of complex systems. This is done using computer modeling tools of (...)

Botanical models, between art and science

The diversity of 3D botanical models is perceived at first through their different materials, of which an overview is given. Textile artificial flowers are to be included: some have been crafted as botanical models throughout the 19th century, as reveals the case of Marie (...)

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