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The passion for flight: from Leonardo da Vinci to Jean Letourneur

Leonardo da Vinci has embraced the careers of engineer and painter with equal talent and equal success. However, he was not the author of the theory of theft, due four centuries later to another autodidact Frederik Lanchester, he laid the groundwork of this theory. This (...)

Geometries of movement

Leonardo da Vinci was a precursor in the fluid mechanics field, thanks to his experimental approach as well as its purely artistic applications. His creative process has inspired mine. Keeping with this spirit, I have been able to transform the turbulence areas into a (...)

Factories of the living

In 2019, one book (Xénobiologie, by Marie-Christine Maurel and Michel Cassé) and two exhibitions (La Fabrique du vivant at the Pompidou Center, Formes vivantes at the Musée national Adrien Dubouché in Limoges) displayed a convergent interest for the living : science studies and (...)

In the landscapes of Motten Morvan: an experience of ecological art

This article presents a creation-research work in arts, meeting thoughts about landscape and ecology. How can an ecological thinking guide artistic and landscape practices? What role can academic research and artistic creation play in sharing and deploying an ecological (...)

You’re a visual artist, you work in agriculture, so you work on landscape?

When you are a visual artist, working on agriculture or working on the landscape is not equivalent. Drawing on the review of his experiences as a researcher in arts, as a teacher in agricultural education and as a project manager on a mission of animation and development of (...)

Proposal to raise awareness of the unicity of the World through the landscape

The earth is the house that we share with the whole living beings. The purpose of this presentation was to put into perspective the landscapes all over the planet and their various representations by the native people through a holistic conscience of the landscapes, these (...)

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