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Introduction to the collected papers of the symposium Living forms
Jean-Charles Hameau

The present publication gathers the collected papers of the symposium Living Forms that took place in Limoges on January 27th and 28th 2020. This event was linked to the eponymous exhibition shown at the musée national Adrien Dubouché between October 9th 2019 and February 10th 2020. It aimed to enlight the presence of the living world in ceramic from the Renaissance up to nowadays, within a dialog crossing arts and sciences. From Bernard Palissy’s naturalistic ornament to 3D printed ceramic prosthesis, specific similarities between living organisms and mineral matter were thus explored through museum collections, contemporary artworks and scientific items.

Rustic ware of the Musée national Adrien Dubouché : Bernard Palissy and his continuators, among the museum’s collection
Céline Paul

The Musée national Adrien Dubouché owns a collection of decorated ceramics looking like Bernard Palissy’s rustic ware often called « rustique figuline ». Following the exhibition Living Forms where these works were shown, this paper traces the history of these ceramics inspired by the famous Renaissance potter. Based on the chronology, this study is divided into three parts: the years of Adrien Dubouché, from 1865 to 1881 ; the years of his successor Auguste Louvrier de Lajolais, from 1881 to 1907; the begining of the XXIth Century marked by a new look over rustic ware and Bernard Palissy’s style.

Ar(t)chemistry of nature: The Living
Marie-Christine Maurel

Life is not an absolute quality that appeared suddenly. It emerged progressively, linked to the environment and the conditions of the primitive Earth. The Earth produces clay, a substance that may have been the ingredient of the begin