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Urban Risks

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Flood risks, opportunities and resilience: How to ensure change implements in Canada?
Isabelle Thomas, Anne Laure Fakiroff

Provincial and territorial laws and policies regarding land use planning provide guidance to municipalities in their planning. Because their financing and revenue sources are sometimes limited, the maintenance of infrastructure and other public services rely largely on property taxes and development charges as the main source of financing, which incentivizes development. This situation can lead to unsustainable development, poor adaptation and increasing vulnerability accompanied by climate change. In this context, the protection and creation of green spaces within municipalities are often considered as a limit to development. These policies thus maintain a situation of risk and aggravated exposure impacting both owners of commercial buildings and homes, insurance companies, municipalities, and higher levels of government. This article will provide a general understanding of the current state of land use legislation and policy in Canada and its implications for adaptation, resilience and risk. We will examine current gaps in provincial and territorial land use planning laws and policies that create or maintain moral hazard preventing or limiting adaptation in Canada before highlighting possible and practical alternatives within other canadian and international jurisdictions.

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