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Vol 2 - Issue 1

Industrial and Systems Engineering

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An approach for business processes reconfiguration

The continuous search for flexibility leads companies to implement reconfigurable supply chains. In this article, we focus on the reconfiguration of supply chains through the business processes that compose them. We propose an approach of reconfiguration based on an (...)

EasySched: a multi-agent architecture for the predictive and reactive scheduling of Industry 4.0 production systems based on the available renewable energy

Industry 4.0 is concerned with sustainable development constraints. In this context, we propose a multi-agent architecture, named EasySched, aiming at elaborating predictive and reactive scheduling as the result of a coordination between systems producing goods and systems (...)

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Volume 18- 1

Jeunes Chercheurs du GDR MACS au congrès mondial de l’IFAC - JD MACS 2017


Volume 19- 2

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