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Industrial and Systems Engineering

Génie industriel et productique

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Aims and scope

Objectifs de la revue

Industrial and Systems Engineering aims to publish articles in French on the different aspects of industrial engineering and industrial automation, from the design of the product to the management of goods and services production systems. The journal welcomes both theoretical work and applications.

The covered themes (non-exhaustive list) are: eco-design, stochastic models, discrete event systems, scheduling, planning, allocation, flow optimization, decision support, risk management, goods-producing systems, services, cyber-physical systems, civil or humanitarian intervention.

Génie industriel et productique a pour objectif de publier des articles en français sur les différents aspects du génie industriel et de la productique, allant de la conception des produits à la gestion de systèmes de production de biens et de services. La revue accueille à la fois des travaux théoriques et des applications.


Elle s’intéresse également aux méthodes, aux outils, et aux techniques destinés à l’analyse, l’évaluation et la conduite de systèmes. Ces systèmes sont soumis à des phénomènes aléatoires ou intentionnels qui affectent leur comportement pouvant mener à des situations critiques de sécurité ou de bon fonctionnement. 


Thèmes couverts (liste non-exhaustive) : éco-conception, modèles stochastiques, systèmes à événements discrets, ordonnancement, planification, affectation, optimisation des flux, aide à la décision, gestion des risques, systèmes de production de biens, de services, systèmes cyber-physiques, intervention civile ou humanitaire, les systèmes de biens et de service tels que l’énergie, le transport, le manufacturier, l’industrie de transformation ou de process, la santé, l’information, la société…


Journal issues


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Recent articles

Reliability of the hemodialysis machine through Weibull distribution in the presence of uncertainties
Sofiene Fenina, Souheyl Jendoubi, Faker Bouchoucha

Hemodialysis devices are vital medical equipment which are directly responsible for the patient’s life, used to treat kidney failure. In this paper, the reliability of the Hemodialysis machine in stochastic environment was analyzed using a Weibull distribution approach. From the failure history, the scale and the shape parameters of the Weibull distribution were estimated using analytical and graphical methods. The effect of the external influencing factors on the machine reliability is treated. These factors have a random effect which depends on the external stochastic environment of the system. The adopted methodology consists in introducing a Gaussian perturbation on the Weibull parameters and studying its effect on the reliability indicators. The means and standard deviations of the Weibull parameters are calculated and used to extract the mean and standard deviation of the reliability indicators through the first-order Taylor series expansion. The numerical simulations lead to visualize the mean and the standard deviation of the reliability of the hemodialysis machine.

Proposal for a general approach to infrastructure and industrial process co-design
Nhat-Tung Phan, Anne-Lise Huyet, Jean-Luc Paris, Aurélie Talon

Industrial construction is confronted with the complex interaction between infrastructure and industrial processes within that infrastructure, with worrying consequences for the environment. In order to achieve more sustainable construction practices, it is imperative to adopt new environmentally-friendly production and assembly methods. However, co-design between infrastructure and industrial process is still insufficient, leading to costly design and construction errors. In order to improve the overall performance of industrial projects, real-time coordination and effective communication between the two essential components - infrastructure and industrial process - are crucial. In this paper, we propose an innovative systems approach to strengthen collaboration between infrastructures and industrial process throughout the development process of an industrial project. We also present a quantification tool integrating key indicators from both fields, such as financial optimization, energy efficiency, flow management, safety and holistic management. To illustrate this approach, we present a case study, followed by an analysis of the results obtained and prospects.

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