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Technology and Innovation

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Innovation processes in the agro‐ecological transitions in the developing countries

This article discusses the interactions between changes in models of innovation, the greening of production and the social consequences of these. Six innovation processes are analyzed in the agriculture of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Haiti, Madagascar and Senegal, respectively. (...)

Biotechnology Cotton in Burkina Faso: Trajectory of an Innovation in a Development Context

This article traces the innovation of biotechnology cotton, known as Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), in Burkina Faso. It argues that the introduction of this cotton into the agricultural system of the country has led to a shift in the control of the power of the national actors (...)

Emergence of a biofuel production and innovation system in Burkina Faso: analysis of the determinants and the stakes for its development

Emulation as a product of biofuel production lead to the installation of biofuel projects in Burkina Faso to promote economic development. The economic potential this production represents has lead to the installation of a network of actors who work towards its promotion. (...)

Trajectories of innovation in agriculture of conservation at Lake Alatra in Madagascar

Alaotra Lake area is one of Madagascar’s most important rice growing regions, with important soil and climatic constraints. Through sustainable agricultural development, the BV-lac project has disseminated techniques of conservation agriculture (CA), between 2003 to 2013. As (...)

Innovation Platforms as a Tool to Support Technological Change in Agri‐Chains. The case Study of Plantain Value Chain in Côte d’Ivoire

Since 2011, innovation policies in the agri-chains of the Ivory Coast have been based on tools of technology transfer, known as “Innovation Platforms”, for the introduction of plants of improved varieties or of plant hybrids. This article focuses primarily on the implications (...)

Diversity of innovation processes in the Niayes market gardening system (Senegal): between conventional intensification and agro‐ecological transition

The development of the vegetable sector in Senegal is based on technical innovations such as motorpumping, use of inputs and net-shades, among others. A survey of 22 market gardeners in southern Niayes shows the diversity of the innovation processes and the common driving (...)

Ecological transition of an innovation model: the seeds production of yams in Haiti

This article shows how the passage of a linear model from innovation to an iterative, participatory and ecological process can modify technology and allow for its practical adoption. Our case study is based on the seed multiplication technology of yams in Haiti, known as (...)