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Vol 3 - Issue 4

Technology and Innovation

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Technosciences and citizen innovations

The last half century has seen considerable development of institutional interfaces participating in the "great standardization" of science and innovation systems. The limitations of this model appeared for many economic, political or cultural reasons. Strong developments (...)

Technical democracy through the lens of social sciences

This article focuses on the one hand, on the insurmountable existing difference between a democratic ideal which emphasizes citizen empowerment (in the contemporary deliberative and participatory approaches) and on the other hand, upon the existence of dramatic bias and (...)

Thinking about the co-production of knowledge outside “hybrid forums”: the controversy surrounding mine waste inventory. The case of the former uranium mine in Pen Ar Ran (Piriac-sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique)

In this article, we take an interest in a former uranium mine’s environmental monitoring. The particular case of the Pen Ar Ran mine (Loire-Atlantique) shows that even if any instance for dialogue with populations has been created, a group of organized citizens has (...)

Territorial Innovation and Social Innovation in regard to a participatory approach.

Both city design and territorial planning seem to be subjected to the imperative of innovation. Territorial innovation becomes a technique which pursues the classic way of "planning". For more than twenty years, under the influence of intellectuals, this way of planning has (...)

Beyond the collection of data in citizen science projects. Opening the field of data analysis and interpretation to citizens.

Over the last decade, citizen science has experienced an unprecedented expansion into a large number of disciplines, due to increased public participation, the development of a variety of digital applications, and the creation of new and innovative interactions between (...)

Citizen research and innovation by Participatory Action Research

Scientific research is requested for investigating hard societal challenges brought by our contemporary societies. A transversal approach is required by the development of interdisciplinary research, especially at the interface between experimental, social and human (...)

Controversies and mastering information: analysis and methodological proposals

This article focuses on the role of information literacy in the analysis and mediation of controversy, considered as an innovative social measure. It is based on an original methodology for analyzing controversies related to the current complex information context. This (...)

Fablab in engineering schools: what training for which transformation of an engineer’s job?

This article aims to study the contribution of the "fablab" spirit in the transformation of an engineer’s job and in particular that of engineering general practitioner. By opening dynamics of co construction and communication between heterogeneous actors (scientists, (...)

An innovative device using participatory decision-making to inform public policy on air quality

This article presents the initial results of a study on an original participatory action research approach focusing on the articulation and the participative fabric of public policies on outdoor air quality in Montpellier, France. The approach, called Artivistes-atelier, is (...)