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[FORTHCOMING] Propriétés algébriques des sous-espaces de topologies
Noômen Jarboui, Bana Al Subaiei

It is shown that the collection of all topologies on a given set $$$X$$$ coincide with the set of subsemirings of the power set $$$\mathcal{P}(X)$$$ (equipped with union and intersection) if and only if $$$X$$$ is finite. Furthermore, given a topological space $$$(X, \mathcal{T})$$$ and a subset $$$A$$$ of $$$X$$$, we characterize when the subspace topology $$$\mathcal{T}_A$$$ is a maximal (resp., a prime) ideal of the semiring $$$\mathcal{T}$$$. As applications, we provide an algebraic characterization of the one-point compactification of a noncompact, Tychonoff space. Moreover, we describe explicitly the semiring homomorphisms from $$$\mathcal{P}(X)$$$ into $$$\mathcal{P}(Y)$$$ in case $$$X$$$ is a finite set and $$$Y$$$ is an arbitrary nonempty set.

[FORTHCOMING] Sous-catégories extensibles au sens de Kan et la topologie par fibre
Moncef Ghazel

We use pointwise Kan extensions to generate new subcategories out of old ones. We investigate the properties of these newly produced categories and give sufficient conditions for their cartesian closedness to hold. Our methods are of general use. Here we apply them particularly to the study of the properties of certain categories of fibrewise topological spaces. In particular, we prove that the categories of fibrewise compactly generated spaces, fibrewise sequential spaces and fibrewise Alexandroff spaces are cartesian closed provided that the base space satisfies the right separation axiom.

[FORTHCOMING] Forme des composantes connexes de la somme booléenne de deux digraphes (≤ 5)-hypomorphes à complémentaire près
Aymen Ben Amira, Jamel Dammak, Hamza Si Kaddour

Let $$$G=(V,E)$$$ and $$$G'=(V,E')$$$ be two digraphs, $$$(\leq 5)$$$-hypomorphic up to complementation, and $$$U:=G\dot{+} G'$$$ be the boolean sum of $$$G$$$ and $$$G'$$$. The case where $$$U$$$ and $$$\overline U$$$ are both connected was studied by the authors and B.Chaari giving the form of the pair$$$\{G, G'\}$$$. In this paper we study the case where $$$U$$$ is not connected and give the morphology of the pair $$$\{G_{\restriction {V({\mathcal C})}},G'_{\restriction {V({\mathcal C})}}\}$$$ whenever $$$C$$$ is a connected component of $$$U$$$.

[FORTHCOMING] Compatibilité d’une structure de Jacobi et une structure Riemannienne sur une algébroïde de Lie
Yacine Aït Amrane, Ahmed Zeglaoui

In a preceding paper we introduced a notion of compatibility between a Jacobi structure and a Riemannian structure on a smooth manifold. We proved that in the case of fundamental examples of Jacobi structures : Poisson structures, contact structures and locally conformally symplectic structures, we get respectively Riemann-Poisson structures in the sense of M. Boucetta, (1/2)-Kenmotsu structures and locally conformally Kähler structures. In this paper we are generalizing this work to the framework of Lie algebroids.