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Presentation of the issue "Impact of information systems on democracy in organisations"

This text presents the special issue of the Open Journal of Information Systems Engineering "Impact of information systems on democracy in organizations". This issue is composed of the extended versions of communications presented during the 3rd edition of the Inforsid (...)

Digital information systems: support or obstacle to democracy in organizations?

Information systems are often presented as neutral and offering a simple reflect of reality. In this article, we present our vision of the digital information system genesis, to demonstrate that they are bearers of worldviews. They have an impact on democracy in (...)

From Data to Information: about the importance of conventions in organisations

We are constantly evolving in multiple organizations and we have to deal with an uninterrupted flow of data and information, which we contribute to feed. These data and information, clearly differentiated in this paper, are neither neutral nor objective but are the result of (...)

Accounting information system and corporate democracy

The history of accounting shows that the objectives and basic features of an information system at a given time and in a given country are determined by the economic agent who holds the power in that country and at that time of history. Thus, measuring a result with the aid (...)

The “merchantable gratuitousness” platforms and the Free Digital Labor controversy: a new form of exploitation?

Cognitive capitalism and the informational revolution have gone hand in hand with a blurring of the boundaries between work and leisure time. At the heart of this evolution is the rise of platform capitalism, and in particular the “merchantable gratuitousness” platforms, like (...)

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