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Ce numéro spécial s’inscrit dans une dynamique émergente sur l’analyse des données de la recherche (données numériques produites par les chercheurs, mémoires, articles scientifiques, actes de colloque, thèses, etc.) et veut faire la promotion de la recherche (...)

Producing and socializing knowledge: the data visualization at CIEU

We present here a synthesis of the session named “Producing and socializing knowledge: data visualization at the CIEU, which occurred in November 2018 with the conference “The city seen from the CIEU” marking the 50th anniversary of the research team. The team demonstrated, (...)

Encyclopedic information systems edited by scientists

This paper introduces a digital library structured by an encyclopedic infrastructure. Scientists can simultaneously and collaboratively perform many digital practices. The article gives examples in musicology and in the environmental sciences. It can also federate editorial (...)

Combinations of statistical and semantic approaches applied to scientific digital libraries for the promotion of multidisciplinary research

The knowledge of all science domains is now available on digital libraries. The problem is that the papers belonging to different research communities do not use the same vocabulary to talk about the same subject. Access to relevant documents with information retrieval (...)

Research in Science of Sciences in Mainland China: 40 years of evolution

In a first part of this paper, we highlight the historical context of Science of Science both in China and at a world level. In a second part, based on the unsupervised combination of GNG (neural gas) clustering with feature maximization metrics and associated contrast (...)

Thinking local
The implementation of an open science policy in a social sciences and humanities university

As part of the National Plan for Open Science, structuring and sharing research data is now one of the priorities of French science policy. Each institution and each scientific organization must have an open science policy and set up a set of services and devices for the (...)

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and observatories for the spatiotemporal and the environmental monitoring.

This paper proposes a reflection on the relations between the observatories, the Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and the user needs for the spatiotemporal and the environmental monitoring. After a reminder of the nature and objectives of the observatories and the SDIs, we (...)

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