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Importance of the referent in a curriculum analysis process: The example of education on the issue of energy and energy transition

This article presents a method of curriculum analysis of prescriptions and their educational effects, on the issue of energy transition, and based on the interest of having a robust referent available. The first step of the study was to develop a reference map of the energy (...)

Translate to mobilize. Educational practices of a Breton CPIE in building collective membership around biodiversity.

The aim of this article is to show the process by which the construction of the adhesion of local actors (elected representatives and inhabitants) to a national program for the preservation of biodiversity, the "Trame Verte et Bleue" (TVB), is built. We highlight that even (...)

Energy Education: Teaching Practices and Student Representations

With the prospect of an energy transition, this study questions teaching practices on energy education in French middle school: do these practices have an effect on the representations and practices of student-teenagers? Based on the analysis of five interviews with teachers (...)

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