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Understanding the effects of legal consciousness developed through the hidden curriculum on citizenship education

This article explores the relationship between how students conceive school rules and codes as a protolegal framework of the hidden curriculum and citizenship education. The robustness of Ewick and Silbey’s legal consciouness model, as well as Westheimer and Kahne’s (...)

The putting into words of the information literacy and its translation into the French texts relating to Media and Information Education

The relatively recent foundation of Information Literacy formation within school systems contributes to the legitimization process of it with, in particular, the introduction of the EMI (Media and Information Education) into the French education system. We made the (...)

What Curriculum Tools for "Education for" towards Political Citizenship?

The "educations for" emanate from international authorities, set in charge of societal issues, and position at least partially in the political arena. It is thus a question of wondering about the curriculaires conditions allowing to counter the risks of normative drift to (...)

A‐disciplinary education, between narratives and practices: a didactic paradox? The case of education for sustainable development

Education for sustainable development is part of the mainstream of global education. It is probably the most visibly political. It is indicative of the tensions that also exist in other education for. Consequently, its acceptance as a curriculum and its implementation cannot (...)

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