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Modeling and Using Context

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Modeling Human Actions through Context

This paper presents and discusses how context is being used to model intelligent human activity – specifically, tactical actions. Tactical behavior involves selection and execution of courses of action that address the current needs of the agent. The discussion centers about (...)

Elaboration of the Contextual Graphs representation: From a conceptual framework to an operational software

The paper presents the current status of research on context modeling and management that emerges from several real-world applications since 25 years. We now have a robust conceptual framework and its implementation as a piece of software called Contextual-Graphs (CxG) (...)

Context-Mediated Behavior

All effective agents are context-sensitive. This is true for biological agents, and it must also be true for artificial agents if they are to succeed. Context-mediated behavior (CMB) is one approach to endowing artificial agents with context-sensitive, context-appropriate (...)

Modeling and Using Context in Business Process Management: A Research Agenda

Business Process Management (BPM) is the art and science of monitoring how the work is performed within an organization to ensure consistent results and opportunities for improvement. One important research topic on BPM relates to the issue of flexibility. Unplanned (...)

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