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Vol 4 - Issue 2

Digital Archaeology

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The mapping of forested archaeological sites using UAV LiDaR. A feedback from a south-west France experiment in settlement & landscape archaeology.
François Baleux, Carine Calastrenc, Nicolas Poirier

The recent democratisation of UAVs and the progress made in sensor miniaturisation now make it
possible to embark miniaturised LiDaRs on board mini-UAVs. This possibility opens the way to a more systematic use of Lidar technology for the survey of small forested areas and for the mapping of isolated archaeological sites. The paper presents a feedback from the Garonne valley where the acquisition of Lidar data by drone on three archaeological forested sites allows to discuss the variations in the extent and use of the current forested area. The quality of UAV-Lidar data is also compared to data acquired by plane.