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The contribution of glycobiotechnology to the main stream of biomedical field
Bernard Priem, Serge Pérez

Complex carbohydrates play an important role in many biomedically important processes, including
inflammatory response, hormone action, malignancy, viral and bacterial infections and cell differentiation. This review article enlights how glycobiotechnology is contributing to the mainstream of biomedical field. While several methods are described to produce large-scale quantities of bio-active oligosaccharides, other facets address the challenge of the glycosylation of therapeutic antibodies and the complexity of glycosaminoglycans. The present state of carbohydratebased
vaccines is presented as an opening to the on-going development of new vaccines focusing on carbohydratebased vaccines against other pathogens such as viruses (HIV), fungi, protozoan parasites, or helminths as well as cancer.

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Volume 18- 1

Issue 1