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Information, Organization, Knowledge

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Emergence of a Collective Intelligence in a large energetic company: a case study of mutual aid community acting among global and local

Communities have experienced considerable growth since digital instrumentation based on Information and Communication Technologies that shape and organize the world of the Web and socio-numerical networks. By analysing the emergence and Collective Intelligence potential of a (...)

Modeling of Next Generation Digital Learning Environments: Complex Systems Theory

Communication information technology tools provide easy access to vast amounts of human knowledge. Knowledge is used to empower and enrich people culturally and materially and to build a sustainable society. Social networks, OCWs, MOOCs and connectivist approaches to (...)

Digital research infrastructures and Knowledge Organization: Linked Open Data contributions for ESR epistemic communities

In this article, we focus on the knowledge organization activities of specialists in Higher Education and Research insofar as they contribute to the circulation of knowledge and the evolution of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS). The scientific fields to which these (...)

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