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Cognitive Engineering

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Classification of Cobotic Systems

The classification of cobotic systems is hard as there exist numerous criteria to describe human robot collaboration. After state of the art and definition of the main terms, we propose to study the flow of information among the cobot, in its broadest sense, the human, the (...)

Real‐time biomimetic Central Pattern Generators (CPG) in FPGA for biohybrid experiments

Hybridization is a technique that consists in interconnecting a network of biological neurons and a network of artificial neurons. It is used in neuroscience research and for therapeutic purposes. The long-term goal is to replace damaged neural networks by these artificial (...)

Digital implementation of stochastic biomimetic

Millions of people around the world are affected by neurological disorders that impair good communication between the brain and the body. The development of neuroprostheses will have a social impact on the quality of life of patients. These neuroprostheses are designed on (...)

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