ISTE OpenScience meets two requirements :

 It provides scientific journals on an online platform. These journals are dedicated to French research.

 It creates an interface to select and publish multi-author books in English ; these books aim to provide a national and international perspective to French research. All articles selected and evaluated by each journal’s Editorial board will be available via Open Access.

1. Proposing an article
Fill out the form directly on the journals page or contact us directly via email : info@openscience.fr

2. Advice to authors
Download the formatting guidelines (in French / Microsoft Word / LaTeX) by clicking on : guidelines

For any problem concerning the styles, please contact us.
Online publication of articles is indicated as soon as the respective committees have agreed and accepted to do so.

3. Code of conduct for ISTE OpenScience journals

The committees of ISTE OpenScience are committed to following the Committee on Publication Ethics international recommendations on good conduct and integrity.

Participants of ISTE OpenScience journals must observe :

 editorial independence,

 research ethics, including confidentiality, consent and particular requirements for human and animal research

 authorship, intellectual property and copyright

 transparency and integrity (for example, conflicts of interest, research funding, reporting standards)



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