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Vol 2 - Issue 1

Thermodynamics of Interfaces and Fluid Mechanics

List of Articles

Novel method to compute drag force and heat transfers for motions around spheres
Mohamed-Amine Chadil, Stéphane Vincent, Jean-Luc Estivalezes

A viscous penalty method is used to simulate the interaction between spheres and flows with Particle- Resolved Direct Numerical Simulations. An original method has been developed and validated in order to extract from these simulations the hydrodynamic forces and heat transfers on immersed boundaries representing the particles thanks to Aslam extensions [3]. This method is an improvement of a previous work based on Lagrange extrapolations [6, 7]. Comparisons between these two approaches are considered on various incompressible motions such as the flow around an isolated particle at various Reynolds numbers and flows across packed spheres under Faced-Centered Cubic monoand bi-disperse arrangements.

Vaporization of an equivalent pastille
Roger Prud’homme, Kwassi Anani

The frequency response of a vaporizing pastille-shaped droplet subjected to small standing acoustic oscillations is examined. The motionless droplet is continuously fed so that its volume remains constant during the process. The feeding can be realized with the same liquid at different heat exchange coefficients h and both heat convection and conduction effects inside the droplet are considered. Variation in coefficient h value effects on the evaporating mass response factor and on the liquid thermal field are studied.

Modeling interfaces with fluid phase
Roger Prud’homme

A reflection seemed necessary on interface models with at least one fluid phase. The concept and the thermodynamic and mechanical modeling of the interfaces are partially revisited. Balance laws and constitutive relations are recalled, and various examples are given to support the remarks. Some questions and perspectives are proposed.

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