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Vehicle platoon control with license plate detection
Roméo MUSELEFU Mbula, Jean-Marie MOANDA Ndeko, Angelo KUTI Lusala

This paper is devoted, on the one hand, to the development of longitudinal and lateral vehicle platoon control laws and, on the other hand, to the development of a management system for the capture and processing of vehicle license plate images. This system is capable of measuring the volume and characteristics of traffic in real time, day and night. Due to its limited resource requirements, this system can be directly integrated into an onboard processing unit. In addition, the system can automatically read license plate numbers, using a complementary set of techniques to extract the license plate number from the image stream in the traffic.

An approach for a fire detection prototype
Roméo MUSELEFU Mbula, François NTAMBWE Kadinda, Idriss KYONI Nkulu, Mays Melki BEYA Lwango

This paper is devoted to an approach to a fire detection system using an Arduino Uno module. We first present two simple models that account for the propagation of fire and smoke during fires. The first is a partial derivative one ; the second, with concentrated parameters, is used in the CFAST simulator, popular in the community. We then present two diagnosis techniques. Our safety system, detailed afterwards, is mainly composed of 4 parts : management, signalling, detection and power supply. The Arduino board assumes the management role of our system. We also used an alarm siren and an MQ-2 gas sensor that fulfill the signaling and detection roles.

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