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Aims and scope

Objectifs de la revue

The Arts and Sciences journal presents works, achievements, reflections, techniques and prospects that concern all creative activities related to the arts and sciences.

Painting, poetry, music, literature, fiction, photography, video, graphic design, archeology, architecture, design, museology etc. are invited to take part in the journal as well as all fields of investigation at the crossroads of several disciplines such as pigment chemistry, mathematics, computer science or music, to name but a few examples.

La revue Arts et sciences présente les travaux, réalisations, réflexions, techniques et prospectives qui concernent toute activité créatrice en rapport avec les arts et les sciences.

La peinture, la poésie, la musique, la littérature, la fiction, la photo, la vidéo, le graphisme, l’archéologie, l’architecture, le design, la muséologie etc. sont invités à prendre part à la revue ainsi que tous les champs d’investigation au carrefour de plusieurs disciplines telles que la chimie des pigments, les mathématiques, l’informatique ou la musique pour ne citer que ces exemples.

Journal issues


Volume 17- 1

Issue 1


Volume 18- 2

Issue 1



Volume 19- 3

Issue 1

Recent articles

Using art to avoid simplification of discourse and bring the unknown in science, an artist on board of TARA PACIFIC

In 2017 artist Noémie Sauve went aboard Schooner Tara Pacific to join a seven weeks expedition studying the state of coral reefs. In this article the artist overviews this experience and the way in which it altered her means (...)

Mathematical Infinity “in prospettiva” and Spaces of Possibilities

The Italian Renaissance painters invented the first symbolic form for the mathematical concept of ’’actual’’ infinity : the projective point of the perspective. This was the result of a long debate on infinity, in philosophy, (...)

Conducting Archaeogaming & Protecting Digital Heritage: Does the Future for Archaeology Lie in The Immaterial

Digital games have become considerable and influential cultural transmitters throughout the past years. As social sciences had grasped the importance of this medium as an object of study, the field of archaeology has (...)

Coalescence, Visions of Science

Coalescence. Inevitable attraction, inescapable fusion of two identical materials that results in the creation of a new, more energy-efficient entity. This is the essence of this work which associates science and art in a (...)

Living forms

The Formes vivantes (Living forms) exhibition, which will open on October 9th, 2019 at the Musée national Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, France, aims at exploring the relationship between ceramics and the living, from the (...)

Both Scientist and Poet

How can a person be both scientist and poet, carrying out two apparently different activities that may end up being complementary? The tale of a scientific researcher who also writes verse offers insights into the question (...)

Editorial Board

Editor in chief

Marie-Christine MAUREL
Sorbonne Université, MNHN, Paris


Arshia CONT
Antescofo, Paris

Georges Chapouthier
Sorbonne Université

Musées de Strasbourg


Hugues VINET
IRCAM, Paris

Philippe WALTER
Laboratoire d’archéologie
moléculaire et structurale
Sorbonne Université Paris


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