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[FORTHCOMING] Forme des composantes connexes de la somme booléenne de deux digraphes (≤ 5)-hypomorphes à complémentaire près
Aymen Ben Amira, Jamel Dammak, Hamza Si Kaddour

Let $$$G=(V,E)$$$ and $$$G'=(V,E')$$$ be two digraphs, $$$(\leq 5)$$$-hypomorphic up to complementation, and $$$U:=G\dot{+} G'$$$ be the boolean sum of $$$G$$$ and $$$G'$$$. The case where $$$U$$$ and $$$\overline U$$$ are both connected was studied by the authors and B.Chaari giving the form of the pair$$$\{G, G'\}$$$. In this paper we study the case where $$$U$$$ is not connected and give the morphology of the pair $$$\{G_{\restriction {V({\mathcal C})}},G'_{\restriction {V({\mathcal C})}}\}$$$ whenever $$$C$$$ is a connected component of $$$U$$$.

[FORTHCOMING] Compatibilité d’une structure de Jacobi et une structure Riemannienne sur une algébroïde de Lie
Yacine Aït Amrane, Ahmed Zeglaoui

In a preceding paper we introduced a notion of compatibility between a Jacobi structure and a Riemannian structure on a smooth manifold. We proved that in the case of fundamental examples of Jacobi structures : Poisson structures, contact structures and locally conformally symplectic structures, we get respectively Riemann-Poisson structures in the sense of M. Boucetta, (1/2)-Kenmotsu structures and locally conformally Kähler structures. In this paper we are generalizing this work to the framework of Lie algebroids.